modern french country kitchen designs

Bring out the warm and cozy feel with applying french country kitchen designs

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Best impressive french country kitchen designs

This article describes the french country kitchen designs that will bring us to the rustic look of a warm, peaceful and calming. We will use various types of natural materials to strengthen character. In addition, the type of color that will be used was so colorful that we will implement a number of bright colors that will make the room look more WOW. As for the accent pieces, we will find the use of some of the items that became the hallmark of the kitchen.

modern french country kitchen designs

To maximize the look of the kitchen, then we need to add personality to the kitchen to make the kitchen has aesthetic value and high functionality. One way we can do is to choose to implement a french country kitchen designs. This is one style of decor that will take us on a display kitchen classic, traditional, and fun where we will be taken to a farmhouse in France. We also will get warm in the room, impressed old and rough, but at the same time brings peace and cozy. There are many elements that will we enter into the kitchen when it decided to implement a French-style country-including the use of various pieces of furniture with a large, wooden, light colored, and have carved as a garnish.

contemporary french country kitchen designs

Element various modern french country kitchen designs

(1) Color – this is one of the most important decorative element that we must consider before starting the process of applying certain design further. Color that will be used for the French country kitchen is bright colors like yellow, soft gold, green grass, rust, bright red, cobalt blue, until soft sea tones. We can even decorate the French country kitchen with vivid colors like sunflower yellow, poppy red, green meadow, sunset purple. As for the kitchen walls, kitchen cabinets, and other kitchen furniture, we can apply the paint with the color of ivory, off white, light beige, taupe up. Choose paint with a glossy finish for kitchen cabinets with white color to present the appearance of a bright room.

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(2) Materials – use of natural materials are what will be found in French country kitchen ranging from wood, natural stone (granite and marble), stone, brick, and other applied to a number of decorative items in the kitchen such as furniture, flooring, windows treatments, and other.

french country kitchen designs small kitchens

(3) Accents – we will find some items that are used as accents in French country kitchen ranging from pottery, tile, rustic urns, ceramic hand painted, and others. By adding some accents mentioned above, the display will immediately ambushed the French countryside and makes us enjoy all the soothing peace. Basically, a kitchen has many roles and functions – not just used for cooking and preparing food, but also we use as a space that is able to present an intimate and warm atmosphere with the whole family, and implement a modern french country kitchen designs is one of the answers that will brings us to the atmosphere we want.

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