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Get some best country kitchen ideas in 2018

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Get kitchen with warm look, comfy, and inviting with applying country kitchen ideas

This article describes some of the ideas that we can apply in the country kitchen ideas. As a kitchen that exudes warmth and inviting impression there are some things we must note the start of the selection of colors, the choice of flooring, ceilings maximize functionality, and choose furniture with design and type of material. Choose a color with earthy shades to strengthen country-style character and produce dazzling display.

french country kitchen ideas

If we want to bring the country kitchen ideas, then there are some things that need our attention. As we know, the country style is one type of style that comes with the impression of warm, cozy, and inviting. As one of the rooms at the center of attention for everyone, then we must consider the look of the kitchen. Here are some things we need to consider to make the look more charming country kitchen.

country kitchen ideas white cabinets

Some things look more charming french country kitchen ideas

(1) Color Рbecause the country style is a style that is synonymous with comfortable warm feeling, then we must apply the warm colors in all parts of the kitchen. Some warm colors that we can apply in the kitchen among other pastel colors such as beige, butterscotch yellow, light peach, cream, and more. Complete the look of the kitchen with bold furniture and other items as french country kitchen ideas that we can apply. When we have a spacious kitchen, then we can choose to apply the earthy shades like brown color easy to apply and terracotta. When we push ourselves to apply the color in a small kitchen, the display will look smaller kitchen and is certainly not something we expected, is not it?!.

country kitchen ideas for small kitchens

(2) Floor – to the type of tile that we can apply in country kitchen ideas are tile or wood floors. Colored terracotta tiles with a hexagonal shape would look perfect to complement country-style that we apply. Wooden floor will make country style into radiated elegance. However, the price offered for wood flooring may be burdensome because of the price offered is quite expensive. For that, we can choose to get a faux wood flooring that has some design choices and feel that we can choose according to taste with a much more affordable price.

country kitchen ideas on a budget

(3) The ceiling is – we have to make sure that the ceiling in the kitchen country as the main attraction with hanging pots and pans. This will give the impression of a real country style and save more space in the kitchen cabinets.

(4) Furniture – one of the things that will make the perfect country kitchen look is the use of furniture made of wood. Be sure to equip the kitchen with a large wooden table and a few chairs that do not have to match the look of the kitchen. We can choose the color darker or lighter on a kitchen chair. Other furniture that we must pay attention to bring the french country kitchen ideas is to choose to use a rack made of metal and kitchen cabinets with metal mesh door. Make sure each item of furniture has a match so that we can we can get complementary pieces.

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